We look for both on and off market real estate investment opportunities with an attractive cost basis and where value can be increased through our intense operational management. Once identified, we then look to our network of financial partners to assemble the right investment team. Although each transaction structure is unique, we look to back-end our incentives in order to properly align our interests with that of our partners. By doing this we are able to ensure that our partners achieve their projected financial returns first and that the success of each project relies on us delivering on promised business plan objectives.

Project Management Services

The Spaulding Point team brings valued experience across multiple asset classes.   We have been directly involved in new development, redevelopment, and change-of-use projects for over a decade in the Southwest Florida Market. This experience has provided us with a wealth of knowledge and resources to help our partners maximize their return on investment. We emphasize rigorous upfront due diligence, and the preservation of investor capital with a focus on downside protection. We take a hands on approach at managing the asset with a flexible focus on highest and best use in order to adjust plans to maximize returns when necessary.

Construction Management

Spaulding Point oversees all phases of construction and has the ability to provide in-house boots on the ground capacity to ensure that when capital is being actively deployed it also being actively managed. This avoids unnecessary and wasteful project spending and maximizes returns. Spaulding Point has significant construction management experience that ranges from commercial tenant improvements to multi-million dollar apartment and high-rise projects.